Warwick Davis Has An App!

I don't know how this escaped my notice, but Warwick Davis (AKA Willow Ufgood) released an app for iPhone called Pocket Warwick. The release was timed to coincide with the iPad Mini last year. Genius right?

Pocket Warwick is basically a much cooler version of the old '90s Tamagotchi. You have your own Warwick. You feed him and train him and increase his acting status from Z-list to A-list. There are tons of audio clips from Warwick and the whole thing is adorable, hilarious, and kind of addictive.

Warwick did a great interview last year with MacWorld UK and he said this about the whole experience:
How did designing the app compare to Warwick's usual acting roles? "For me it was just as challenging and rewarding as doing Shakespeare, and it sounds weird but you give a little bit of yourself to this. A bit of my soul is in that game, every download: it's a bit like Voldemort. Do you see what I did there? Your iPhone basically becomes a horcrux," he joked.
and also:
The Pocket Warwick app was Warwick's idea from the start. He initially conceived of the idea as a way to combine his interest in technology and his love of acting.

He told us: "I'm tech-savvy. I love gadgets, particularly my phone [we asked if it was an iPhone and he said it was]. I also like acting, and being an actor I'm always looking for ways to develop."

"I didn't think 'I Wanna be an App'," he admitted, clarifying: "I thought: 'I'd love to be in a phone'."
Smart and funny is Warwick. The app is free and is available for iOS and Android devices so download it and make Warwick do your bidding!

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