July 11th is The Day The Sharknado Lands

Syfy has finally announced a release date for their next amazing creature feature: Sharknado! Starring Tara Reid, Ian Ziering, and John Heard, the premise is that a hurricane hits LA and sucks up a bunch of sharks and together they become the ultimate terror of nature: a SHARKNADO.

I mean, look at this still photo they've released to the NY Daily Post:

How can you not want to see that? Can't wait for the Sharknado? That's ok, SyFy's got you covered. In June, they'll knock your socks off with some STONADOS. According to SyFy, "All hail breaks loose when super-strength tornadoes hurl large stones over Boston."

So there you have it, wind is now throwing rocks and sharks at us. If only we had a weather dominator to keep Mother Nature in line.

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