Michelle Williams: The Culture Brats Interview

We've got a special interview for you today: Destiny Child's Michelle Williams. She took time out of her crazy schedule to talk with us about embarrassing moments, her new album, Jesus Christ Superstar, her WNBA team, and what fulfills her.

Looking over the list of your current projects, the first I have to ask you is when do you sleep?
Oh my goodness, I know. I have to find it. There are many times where I'm calculating, "I know I'll get three hours of sleep here."

I'm sure. Tell us about the Play On Playbook.
Play On is a campaign with Playtex. It's just basically a way that I get to celebrate women, letting them know, "Hey, I've made mistakes along the way." You know as well I've had some stumbles and embarrassing moments. We're women. We're human, and what a great way to celebrate with a company that also celebrates women in many ways.

You talk about getting over embarrassment in the program. I'm sure you've already talked talked yourself to death about the 106 & Park incident--
I have.

So let's go a different direction: what's the most embarrassing thing to happen to you on a date?
On a date? It's unfortunate because I don't even go on many of those. And the ones I do go on, I'm like, "Is this a date?" The most embarrassing thing that's happened to me on a date? I haven't had anything embarrassing happen to me on a date. Right now.

You're pretty luck then.
Trust me. I'm still open so you'll never know what happens.

You've already given us a taste of your new album with the release of the "If We Had Your Eyes" single. What else can you tell us about Journey To Freedom?
Journey To Freedom is an amazing array of music and stories. I put together all the genres of music that I've ever done and tried to put them all into one album that sonically makes sense, hence why I worked with only one producer on this album. I loved when Janet only worked with Jimmy Jam and Terry. Certain people have that producer they connect with.

Do you have a release date for it yet?
Some time in October I believe.

Let's talk about the title of the album. Is this your personal journey to freedom?
It is my personal journey to freedom. We grow up and sometimes in this industry, things are based off opinions of people. Some are constructive and some are just hateful and stuff that just doesn't matter and we seem to magnify those. I said, "How can I get free from the opinions of people? How can I get free from anything that's keeping me from being my best?" Whether it's procrastinating at things or not following through, you can't function at your best when you have things that keep you from being your best.

Jesus Christ Superstar. Amazing cast: you, Ben Foster, *NSYNC's JC Chasez, Incubus's Brandon Boyd, and the legendary John Lydon. How did something this epic come together?
Isn't that amazing? For awhile, they didn't tell us all the cast members. I didn't find out about JC from *NSYNC until that very week of. But at the same time I'm like, "Oh my God." We all understand what it's like to tour. We all understand what it's like to have to be in these big arenas. I think we're gonna feed off of each other. I'm coming into the show preparing to learn as much as I can actually from all these great guys.

I watched your performance with Brandon Boyd on Good Morning America. It was amazing.
Thank you!

It really was. How are the rehearsals going?
We officially haven't had rehearsals yet. They start in New Orleans in a couple of weeks. It's going to be so much fun. It's going to be hard work; I want to make sure we have fun at the same time.

You've had an incredible career. You've done movies, plays, musicals, gospel, pop music, modeling. What fulfills you the most?
I was having a moment with a friend of mine yesterday. What fulfills me the most is knowing that after all these years, I'm still here. Hard work pays off. Having a great work ethic. Being able to tour and see so many people and hearing their stories or testimonies, that fulfills me. It's nothing material, nothing like that.

Finally, you're a minority owner of the Chicago Sky. What do you think of your team's chances this year?
Those are a great bunch of girls. A lot of the girls have gone on and played in the Olympics, so we know there's definitely some talent there. I look forward to being more hands-on. I have to keep up with them through ESPN.

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