Val Kilmer's "Real Genius" Getting Rebooted

Today's news hurts my soul - NBC has optioned the '80s film Real Genius as a single camera TV comedy. Deadline reports

The project, which has received a script commitment plus penalty, hails from Sony TV, whose sibling label TriStar Pictures produced the movie; Adam Sandler’s Sony-based company Happy Madison; and 3 Arts Entertainment. 
Written by Workaholics co-executive producer Craig DiGregorio and David King (Parks And Recreation), Real Genius is a present-day reboot of the cult film, set as a workplace comedy. The show centers on the relationship between a rock star-like genius — the character Kilmer played in the movie — and a sheltered, naive co-worker. 

Real Genius is an 80s film that I love, and it's one that I've found a lot of folks missed. I've always felt that the popularity of War Games made this film possible. Val Kilmer is just about the only guy you'd know from it - he plays Chris Knight, a science rock star at a gifted student at a university. He mentors his young freshman roommate. Hijinks ensue. The CIA is involved. It's just a silly lovely piece of film that celebrates smarty pants kids. A workplace comedy? I guess NBC wants their own version of The Big Bang Theory because geeks are so hot right now. But you know what? A girl's got to have her standards.

Incidentally, I'd never seen the trailer before and it's hilariously bad. Enjoy!

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