Seven Questions In Heaven With KIDS

Today we're spending Seven Questions In Heaven with KIDS' singer/bassist Joshua Diaz!

Describe your music for our readers who may not be familiar with you.
We are a band called KIDS, and we make art that we feel brings back a childlike feeling of adventure, paired with adult situations.

Who are your musical influences and idols?
All of our personal musical interests vary and are all across the board. We enjoy everything from Kpop to Dixieland Jazz. However, we try our very hardest not to let many of our personal musical interests influence our music too much. When writing this next record we're releasing titled Rich Coast, we were very intentional about that. We took three weeks off of our daily jobs, shut off our cell phones, and headed to the smokey mountains of the Appalachian Trail to get inspiration from adventurous experiences. We made it a point not to listen to any of our routine music during this time as well. We were adamant about wanting to document our actual feelings through our fingertips when writing these songs.

What was the first album, cassette, or CD you bought with your own money?
I believe it was MXPX, "Chick Magnet."

What was the strangest gig you've ever played?
Nashville, venue will remain un-named. However, the venue was just bought out by some Russian guys that barely spoke English. It was kind of more of a restaurant than a venue. We drove 7 hours round trip out of our way to play this gig, only to be rudely interrupted in the middle of our second song by the new owner saying (in an almost too-strong-to-understand Russian accent), "I want to play iPod." We stood astonished in embarrassment on stage trying to make out what had just happened, as the man walked back to the soundboard, started playing very bad pop country music on his iPod over the speakers, and walked out the door not to be seen the rest of the night as he was trying to dodge paying us. To this day, we crack jokes about how the KGB wrecked our band's first experience in Nashville.

What's the first thing you look for when you hit a new town?
People! People are our favorite thing anywhere. We have developed some very meaningful friendships over the years away from home. Anytime we hit a new town, we can't wait to meet up with whatever friends or fans we've made through our music.

If they named an ice cream flavor after you, what would be the name and why?
Birthday Cake Oreo Cookies N Cream. Because every "bro night" calls for Birthday Cake Oreos. Its our "thing."

Final question: You're the opening act of a music festival. You can get any five artists, living or dead, to perform on the bill with you. Which five do you choose and what song do you all perform as the final jam?
This is a hard one. If I was just picking our favorite 5, they would be different. However, given the situation, and having to be a good ensemble for a party song, I'm gonna go with this: The Beatles (duh), Tears For Fears, The Strokes, The Killers, and Louie Armstrong playing "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" by Jet.

More KIDS: Official | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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