Song Of The Day: groombridge, "Cold Blood"

Today we have the music video for "Cold Blood," the first single off Swedish band groombridge's upcoming album, Boy From Golden City. The haunting video stars the two young sons of singer Dyle, who wrote the song after the boys were stricken with life-threatening health problems last year. Here's what Dyle had to say about the song:

"It's a big relief to finally release "Cold Blood." We've been working very hard the last 1.5 years making this new album happen. I had a very tough time recording this album, with two of my boys being really ill. So recording the new tracks was more like therapy for me. There is nothing that makes sense anymore if you don't know whether your kids will survive or not. I put all my emotions into the songs and I guess that's what you'll hear. I guess you couldn't do that in every band and I'm very glad to be a part of groombridge. We're more like a family than a normal rock band.

It also makes me very happy to see my two boys in that music video and for me it's kind of a reconciliation. If you've been through rough times you learn to appreciate the good times more. Even though our music may be melancholic, we're all yearning for the good moments in life ;-)"

Here's the video for groombridge's "Cold Blood." Make sure you stick around for the ending scene, which totally makes the video and the meaning of the song.

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