All About SoundCloud Followers

SoundCloud is gaining popularity fast because it gives chances to every musician to make their sound creations heard. A lot of people who join SoundCloud are aspiring artists who want to promote their soundtracks to the world and they want to let everyone know that they are offering something of value in the industry. Read more about SoundCloud platform in this link here.

But like with all the other platforms, SoundCloud has become too crowded. There are a lot of aspiring artists who upload their soundtracks every second. They fight a lot for the attention of listeners. The problem is, they can only get attention if they are someone who is a rising talent in the music industry or someone who has already established their names. This can be unfair to those people who are just starting up.

Reasons You Aren't Getting Noticed

If you are wondering why nobody notices your sounds or songs, the first thing that you can do is not to take it personally. Everything takes time and a lot of hard work. Talent is just a part of the complexities of the music industry. You also need to understand that you have to market your tracks to the people who are looking for it. Some of the reasons why many artists are not getting followers on SoundCloud may include the following:
  1. The sounds unpolished and unprofessional.
  2. The images on album art and covers are not attractive enough.
  3. The right audiences are not getting triggered by music.
  4. There were not enough promotions or marketing done.
  5. Online presence is weaker because of the absence of followers.
Fortunately, you can boost your presence in the SoundCloud platform by getting a lot of followers. It can take a lot of work but it will be worth it. Learn more on how to acquire SoundCloud followers by going into the right website. Real followers who listen to your music on a daily basis while they are commuting to work are the people that you need. Here are some tips for you on how to get them.

How to Get SoundCloud Followers

1. Quality over Quantity
When you have finished a demo, you should not upload it on SoundCloud right away. You may get excited but remember that anything that you post will reflect on your online personality as an artist. Post only tracks that are completed and polished.

Make sure that your soundtrack has high-quality sounds. If you are not recording your own beats, search for the ones who can provide the best sample packs. There are drumbeats or background music packs available online that you can search for if you are not doing your own instrument recording. You have to properly mix your tracks so that they will sound great. Master the art of mixing by watching videos on the internet or reading articles online. One high-quality track is always given priority over a hundred tracks with bad sounds. Build quality tracks one by one instead of uploading several of them without polishing them. A single track can gain you followers and they can expect more on the next days after the first one.

2. Be Creative with your Cover Art

You have to establish your own brand through album arts to have more followers. Ream more about album covers here: Create an image that will make people remember your music easily. If you are into country songs, you can develop some painted country houses with a twist.

Build a consistent image that represents your genre. Tailor each image to your albums. It might take time but your personality will shine more. Album covers that are attractive can get you that second glance that most artists are aiming for.

Investing well on your artistic image will make you stand out among the crowd. Expect a lot of followers the next day if you are able to get your music and your art in tune. You can get a graphic artist for your brand image or you can design it yourself. As long as the visuals will set you apart from the mainstream, it is good to go.

3. Promote your Music on Social Platforms
Include links in the description box that lead to other music platforms such as Spotify. Mention your soundtrack on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube. Link your SoundCloud channel on your website. Connect with bloggers.

Make your chances of exposure higher by collaborating with bloggers and other SoundCloud producers. You should submit clean tracks to your collaborators to make things easier for both of you. Produce high-quality tracks together. The readers, followers, and listeners of other people whom you collaborated with will also start to subscribe to you.

Other ways of marketing your songs and tracks are to mention it every day using hashtags. This makes you more discoverable. Do everything to get noticed. Your followers will be actual people who will listen to your music and share it with their friends and family if you do the things above. Marketing has never been easier if you know how to connect to a large network of people on the internet.

4. Interact with Your Followers
If there are people who have started to show interest in your music, show them that you care by replying to them. They may feel that you may be the next famous artist on the block and they can be delighted that you have noticed them.

Open discussions with like-minded fans who share the same passion as you when it comes to music. People who often listen to sounds as a hobby will be more open to your suggestions and other sound promotions. They can also provide you honest feedback since most of them have already experienced ears. Share your thoughts on forums, Reddit threads, and other discussion boards on the internet and you can gain a lot of followers in no time.

Getting followers in SoundCloud can be a bit tricky but in the end, it will be worth it. Whenever you upload new tracks, they will be able to notice it immediately. Artists who produce high-quality music, clean titles, attractive cover arts, and effective marketing campaigns can succeed in any music platform.

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