Be the best at Bingo – check out these strategies

We know what you're thinking, Bingo isn't a game of skill and it's all about the luck of the ball calls, so how can there be strategy involved? Well, whether you're a newbie or a seasoned player, there are many tips and tricks to consider if you want to be the best at Bingo – or at least, stand the best chance of winning. Next time you're sat at home and ready to log in to your favourite online Bingo site, why not bear these pointers in mind.

1. Learn the rules
This might seem obvious, especially if you're new to the game, but there are many variations of Bingo games, all with their own rules and unique differences. For example, you may only be familiar with the traditional 90-ball game, much loved by British players in dedicated Bingo halls. Well the 75-ball variant is different in many ways, not least in the design of the Bingo card. Whereas 90-ball Bingo has three prizes on offer (for winning a single line, a double line and then a full house), 75-ball Bingo only has one dedicated prize, given to whichever player completes the pre-determined pattern first. There are many other variations online too – 80-ball Bingo, as well as themed games – so it's best to know what you're doing before you start to stand a good chance of winning.

2. Know when to play
This all depends on why you're playing in the first place – do you want to play in games with a lot of people, to socialise and to be in with the chance of landing a larger cash prize? Or are you happy participating in the smaller rooms where there are fewer people so a smaller jackpot, but more chance of winning? Whichever your preference, it's best to know what kind of time to play. If you're looking to play in ‘off-peak' games, your best bet is to play in the morning, when most people are getting ready for work or on the school run, or early evening when the same people are returning home for the day and putting the dinner on. If you want to be a peak player, the evening is the most popular time to play – with 6pm onwards often when most players log in.

3. Take advantage of free games and BOGOF offers
While there's no denying that both of these promotions will be among the most popular games, with players not having to part too much with their hard-earned cash, you'd be silly not to take advantage of these offers. The thrill of playing Bingo and winning the cash prize is what lures so many players in and to win without having to physically purchase a ticket is a bonus. With the BOGOF offer, players will receive double the number of tickets that they have paid for – giving them double the chance of winning. It's best to take advantage of any promotions, including chat games which are run by the chat host and played alongside the main Bingo game. Winning a chat game will see you rewarded with a free ticket or some extra funds to play with, while socialising at the same time.

4. Buy more tickets
While we always recommend playing within your means, buying more tickets will ultimately stand you in better stead of winning. Say for example you're playing with 50 other players, all of whom have six tickets (or one strip of six tickets) each, if you then buy an additional 18 tickets (or three strips of six), you'll stand a better chance of winning. Of course, there is no guarantee that you'll win, but the odds would certainly be in your favour, which leads us nicely on to our final tip.

5. Calculate those odds
It's ever so simple to calculate your chances of winning and that information could stand you in good stead over your fellow players. All you need to do is divide the number of cards you have purchased by the number of cards in the whole game (this information is usually displayed on the game's interface) – so say for example, you've got five cards out of 100, your chances of winning are 5%. Purchase more tickets and that percentage will increase. While it's possible to calculate your odds for a standard Bingo game, if you're playing for a progressive jackpot, it's impossible to work out your chances as there's never a guaranteed winner.

Are you ready to go on and master the Bingo world? Here's a quick summary of all you need to know:
  • Play low-value games
  • Play at off-peak times
  • Play more tickets (if you can)
  • Don't miss promotions and play chat games, free games and BOGOF games
  • Know your basic odds
  • Know the rules
  • Always have fun!

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