6 Things to Do in Minecraft if You're Not Sure What to Do Next

When a game is almost limitless in its potential, you might find that the only limit is your imagination. That’s the reality that many Minecraft users face. When you can do anything, you can end up staring at the screen for hours without gaining the inspiration to do “something.” With this in mind, here are a few suggestions that could help to give you new direction. Done them already? Keep hunting!

1. Update Your Server Info With a New Banner

Is your server attracting visitors and fans? Maybe it’s time to show you mean business with new minecraft banner designs that let your creativity have free rein. While you’re at it, consider getting it listed on Minecraft server listing sites. You may even find a few servers you’d like to visit yourself while you’re there. Attract and be attracted. Interest and be interesting. It’s all part of the fun.

2. Acing Survivor Mode? Go Hardcore

Looking for a high-stakes challenge? This one is not for the faint-hearted. Hardcore mode is seriously challenging and it comes with a warning. If you enter a world in hardcore mode and die, which is seriously easy to do, you won’t be able to return to it in anything but spectator mode. Looking for something absolutely brutal? There’s always ultra-hardcore mode. In this mode, you won’t even be able to regenerate your health. Don’t even try it unless you’re a very experienced player and know how to watch your back.

3. Get Aggressive

You’re on a server with a great many players, and you’d like to see whether you can defeat them all. But don’t expect them to take it lying down. If you build up an army with advanced arms and armour and start attacking, you can definitely expect reprisals. Will you survive the consequences of your warlike behaviour? It’s definitely fun finding out!

4. Build a Monument

Looking for something grandiose? Build a monument! Design your own or try making a replica of something from real life. Want it to be more of a challenge? Go multiplayer and outside of peaceful mode where your creation can only be destroyed by the ender dragon or natural disasters. Look out for griefers and don’t make your monument out of anything flammable.

5. Make Your Own Rollercoaster Ride

Got rails? Minecarts ready for action? Add some blocks to create your own rollercoaster ride. Choose the overworld, the netherworld, or use a portal to take travellers through both. Yes, it’s been done before, but maybe you can add a new twist to a winning concept. Will your riders survive the journey? This could get interesting!

6. Be Mean to Mobs

Have some fun being mean to mobs in creative mode. There are tons of mob traps you can make, but here’s an example of a popular option. Fence an area, equip yourself with a fishing rod, and summon mobs that can’t fly or resist fall damage. Zoom up to no more than 34 blocks above ground level, and start fishing. When you catch a mob, release it above ground. Oops! It can’t fly. You bully! Looking for more ideas? Search “mob traps in minecraft” for even more inspiration.

Not Inspired Yet? Keep Hunting!

As retro gaming options go, Minecraft remains a winner. It takes patience to master, but the limitless nature of your options turns you into a combination of creator and gamer at once. Whether you like your gameplay to be relaxing or brutally challenging, Minecraft has options you’ll enjoy. Create! Fight! Survive! It’s your game and you get to decide how to play it.

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