Three Of The Best Shows On Hulu Right Now

Do you Hulu? Not only does Hulu have its own great collection of Hulu-created content, it also has a massive amount of classic television shows. Looking for something to watch? Here are three of our favorites:


Community is about a community college study group that become friends. Community lovingly admires pop culture while playfully poking holes in it. This is probably my favorite show of all time and I quote it almost daily.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia isn't for everyone. These are some of the most despicable characters on television. But if you can stomach the no-holds-barred humor, you're in for a treat.

King Of The Hill

King Of The Hill is an animated sitcom about a simple Texas family. Bobby Hill, the son on the show, is hilarious and not at all what his father expected in a son. "That's my purse!"

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