Better Babysitter: Uncle Buck vs. Chris Parker

In today's Criss Cross Counter Punch, A Vapid Blonde and Daddy Geek Boy debate who was the better babysitter: Uncle Buck or Adventures In Babysitting's Chris Parker.

* * *

A Vapid Blonde: Dear Daddy Geek Boy, Seeing as though you have yet to start the great debate I declare a total smack down: UNCLE BUCK WINS! And he is the Best. Baby. Sitter. Ever.

The arguments for Uncle Buck are numerous, from his ability to be there every moment he is needed to making THE MOST AWESOME PANCAKE EVER. He is the guy you want watching your children. As opposed to Chris, whose decision-making capabilities are slim to none.

Should you want to concede here and now I would completely understand.

The ball is in your court.

Daddy Geek Boy: Listen, I like giant pancakes as much as anyone. In fact, my wife wooed me by making me a giant pancake after I stumbled home drunk from the bars at 1 AM. And yes, making a giant pancake with a shovel is a cool novelty trick. But does it make you the best babysitter? Methinks no. Buck is a cigar-smoking, cheating Lothario. His heart might be in the right place, but his methods need a little work. Sure that kid deserved to be taught a lesson, but tying him up in the trunk of a car could have landed Buck in some serious trouble. And where would Macaulay Culkin have been then, huh?

Chris Parker is a great babysitter who will go above and beyond if the situation calls for it. Her BFF Brenda calls with a life and death problem? Chris is there. She was in a pinch, so with no other recourse she had to bring the kids along with her. What happened next was completely out of her control. She looked after those kids every inch of the way, got them home safe, and still managed to get the guy.

Plus the kids had the time of their lives.

A Vapid Blonde: Ha ha ha ha, you're funny. "She looked after those kids every inch of the way."

I am not sure I would consider losing an 8-year old being "looked after". All because Chris was so boy-crazy, she had to confront her so-called "boyfriend" who ditched her to go to dinner with someone else, while Sara climbed out the window of a SKYSCRAPER! Nah. That's not being a responsible babysitter at all.

Furthermore, I do not know of one teenage girl who would disapprove of her uncle defending her honor by squarely putting a slime ball like Bug in his place. That scene made me shed a tear for those times when I wish I had an Uncle Buck.

Every step of the way, Uncle Buck put those kids first, sacrificing his own relationship and future with Chanice to make sure he did his best by those kids. He defended Maizy for being a child to that horror of a principal Mrs. Hogarth and put aside his personal hurt after finding he had been "folded" out of the wedding picture because he truly loved those kids and his family even though they rejected him repeatedly.

I feel he really rose to the occasion and while repairing the relationship between Tia and her mother, he grew up emotionally as well.

Daddy Geek Boy: True, but Chris gave those kids adventure. It's not Chris's fault that Sara was deluded into thinking that she was a superhero and that she got away. Even the best of parents have lost their kids in a crowded room before. My sister once wandered by herself into an elevator in a hotel, but does that make my mom a bad parent? No. And even though Sara spent a small part of the night dangling from a skyscraper, she learned a valuable lesson that will make her a better, stronger person going forward.

Uncle Buck, for all his good intentions, is an enabler. He acts on the kids' behalf instead of letting them learn for themselves. Chris taught her charges independence and quick thinking while teaching them the value of friendship.

Plus, as a boy who had my share of fugly babysitters... she's hot.

A Vapid Blonde: I too have wandered off as a child (just not out a skyscraper window) and while Chris was a very pretty babysitter, I bet you that if the car thieves were dealing with Uncle Buck and not Chris none of the ensuing events would have happened. And neither would the movie for that matter.

And now all of my Google sidebar ads are for nannies and childcare courses. See what Chris inspires?

* * *

So who wins? Have your say in the comments!

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