Home Decorating, '80s Style

I'm an avid online shopper. I don't always BUY the stuff that I find, but I totally covet things. And I have lists and lists of things that, if I had a gajillion dollars and a big house, I'd go to town on. Since I'm basically just hoarding cool stuff in my imaginary house I figured I'd share the wealth because this stuff is just so awesome that SOMEONE should own it. Incidentally, if someone just wants to give me a gajillion dollars and/or a big house, I'm down for that too. My email's in the sidebar.

So I'll periodically post cool stuff that I stumble across in the "Gimme That!" segment of this here website. And I'd like to start with a print that I think I'm actually going to buy as an excuse to dress up our home office.

Etsy seller dialmformichele has this totally rad print inspired by one of my fave films - The Breakfast Club. I love the bold colors and the Ally Sheedy bubble in particular.

And only $10! Time to hit up IKEA for cute (and cheap) hanging and framing options!

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