Herbie Hancock, "Rockit"

You know what, boy? Back in my day, we didn't want words sullying up our songs. All we needed was a synth and a drum machine.

Seriously? Do you remember how many hits we had in the '80s that didn't have vocals?
  • "Chariots Of Fire" reached number one.
  • "Miami Vice Theme" reached number one.
  • Kenny G.'s "Songbird" reached number four.
  • "Axel F" reached number three.
  • "Hill Street Blues Theme" reached number ten.
  • "Love Theme From St. Elmo's Fire" reached number fifteen.
  • "Theme From Magnum P.I." reached twenty-five.
What the hell was wrong with us?

Today's song isn't an instrumental, but it was damn close. It wasn't a hit, either, as it peaked at seventy-one. But it did have some kick-ass robot mannequins. From 1983, here's Herbie Hancock's "Rockit."


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