Record Store Day

Saturday is Record Store Day.

You remember record stores, right? They're the places we used to frequent to buy albums, tapes, and CDs, talk about music, and check out posters and rock tees before Al Gore invented the Internet and Hot Topic.

Yeah, the big box stores deserve some of the blame, too. But it was the Internet that dealt the death blow. Damn you, technology!

I'm as guilty as everyone else. It's been seven years or so (right about the same time I started having kids and stopped having disposable income) since I would hit the record stores once a week. I still drop in every few months, but I'm too broke and old to do much damage.

Saturday is Record Store Day. If your local record store is participating, you'll find special releases on vinyl and CD and, if you're really lucky, a band or two might even be making an appearance! If you can afford it, go out and financially support your local independent record store!

Damn the man! Save the Empire!

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