I'm Sorry Aboot Justin Bieber, Eh?

While the rest of the fine writers here at Culture Brats hail from the US of A, I'm the lone Canadian in the bunch. I was born and raised in the Great White North; was brought up on back bacon, Bob and Doug McKenzie, maple syrup and Degrassi Jr. High.

I also grew up in an igloo.

Okay, so that's not true. But it IS true that our currency looks a lot like Monopoly money, we say 'oot', 'aboot' and 'eh', and, in general, are an apologetic people. I've spent a lifetime saying sorry for certain sports teams, Celine Dion and those goddamn Canadian geese, and now I'm going to apologize for something - er, someONE else:

Justin Bieber.

When I first heard about the Bieb I thought his name was Justin Beaver, which I thought was hilariously fitting, given that our national animal is a beaver and all; I also thought he was like, twelve. And initially, I was all, Aw, let the kids have their pop star! I mean, when you boil it down, The Beav Bieb seems wholesome enough, and relatively harmless - I can think of worse musicians my kids could be listening to, you know?

But now I'm starting to think that this whole Justin Bieber thing is going a bit too far:

People, PLEASE. Do NOT liken Justin Bieber to Henry Rollins, Black Flag or, for that matter, punk rock in general. There is NO COMPARISON here, folks. Absolutely NONE.

As the lone Canadian here at Culture Brats, I feel compelled to apologize:

I'm sorry aboot Justin Bieber, eh?

P.S. I'm sorry aboot Nickelback, too.


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