Werewolves Are So Hot Right Now

I just about fell off my couch laughing this weekend when I saw that MTV is going to produce a TV series based on the 1985 film, Teen Wolf. Yes, you read that correctly, the Michael J. Fox flick, Teen Wolf. On MTV.

MTV's changing up the storyline though. From their press:
The series is said to be a departure from the film — a campy comedy that starred Michael J. Fox — and is described in a press release as a "sexy thriller set against the drama of high school life with a forbidden, romantic love story at its core."

The series centers on Scott McCall as the quintessential outsider, struggling to be recognized in a way that takes him out of high school anonymity. One night, his best friend, Stiles, convinces him to go into the woods to join a police search for a dead body. Scott ends up being attacked by a creature in the darkness, narrowly surviving with a vicious bite in his side. When he wakes up the next morning, he is greeted with strange surprises and a life that will never be the same.
Now, it's been years since I saw the film but I remember it being pretty cheesy bad. But since those stupid Twilight books, vampires and werewolves are hot property so I guess MTV's looking to cash in with the 12 year old girls. I just hope MTV is ready to deal with letters from girls like this one. Those Twihards are serious about defending their franchise.


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