Who Ya Gonna Call? Maybe?

There's been talk of a Ghostbusters 3 for, oh, a zillion years. Bill Murray was rumored to be the hold up - he wasn't interested. But then rumor said that Bill finally agreed to do one. Sigourney Weaver, during an Avatar press interview, was asked about it and she leaked what seemed to be some plot details. It sounded like maybe this thing was going to really happen. Shortly after Sigourney's interview there was a rumor that Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg, two of the geniuses behind the NBC version of The Office (though, to be fair, they did also write Year One), had a script ready to shoot.

The latest twist? A few weeks ago, while interviewing at the Tribeca Film Festival, Bill did an interview with Cinemablend and basically said that the whole thing is a pipe dream and that it's never gonna happen.

The plot of the third film allegedly centers around Sigourney's son Oscar, all grown up, and ready to join the ghostbusting team. Bill Murray gets killed and returns as a ghostly Dr. Venkman to help the team fight the latest menace and train Oscar.

So... do we want to see a third Ghostbusters? Do we like the above plot? Do we want the franchise to just give up the ghost (ha! I kill me!) and let it be?

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