The Greatest Videos Of The '80s, Day One

When compiling a list of the greatest videos from the '80s, it's easy to list the Thrillers, Sledgehammers, and Take On Mes of the world. This week, I thought it would be cool to bring you some cool videos of the '80s that wouldn't make the typical top 10 list (even though they probably should).

One of these videos is Greg Kihn Band's "Jeopardy." The video opens with Kihn getting married in a small church. He's a little gun shy and on edge at first: he sees an older couple fighting, another couple handcuffed together, another couple whose hands have morphed into one, and a fourth couple joined at the hip (which, admitedly, while some of the worst makeup/FX you'll ever see, still grossed me the hell out as a kid).

And then he puts the ring on the bride's finger and all hell breaks loose.

The bride turns into a rotting corpse! Lightning! The people at the wedding turn into zombies! More lightning!

And then the pièce de résistance: a giant papier-mâché sharklike beast erupts from the floor of the church and wraps its forty-foot tentacle around Kihn! Will he survive? Kihn manages to tear a piece of wood veneer off a pew and stabs the sharklike beast until it releases him.

Kihn then plays air guitar on the wood veneer papier-mâché sharklike beast killer. It is this expert air guitaring that keeps the zombies at bay until Kihn is able to break down the doors of the church. The video then shows an aged film of people throwing rice on Kihn and his wife, and the camera pans back to show two male and female skeletons watching the video. Deep!

The video then switches back to Kihn getting ready for his wedding. Was it a dream? A premonition? Kihn sees the same couple fighting as before, so he runs out of the church and into his convertible. His wife, a Pat Benatar wannabe, storms out of the church. She sees Kihn and... smiles? Totally logical. He pulls up, she hops in, and they drive off.

But don't let the crappy ending keep you from an otherwise brilliant video. From 1983, here's Greg Kihn Band with "Jeopardy."


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