Jelly Bracelets: A Timeless Classic

Yes. They were big in the Eighties. BECAUSE THEY WERE AWESOME.

And they still ARE Awesome. You can find them in any retail accessory section, if the store is a cool store.

I believe the jelly bracelet is the under-appreciated accessory of modern time. I am thirty-noneofyourbusiness years old and I wear my jelly bracelets almost everyday. BUT. Only the black ones. I'm classy about my jelly bracelets like that. I mean, I'm not 12 anymore.

I wear them to the preschool, to the elementary school, to the gym, to the grocery store, to the martini bar, to the dance club, to the Costco, to the coffee shop, and even the Dairy Queen…

I love me my black jelly bracelets. Occasionally I throw in a red one. I'm uncontainable.

That is how I have taken one of the foundational '80s fashion accessories and have made them fit into the fashion scene 25 years later. No need to stack colors. Twist two together and slip them on.

And unless everyone is lying to me, everyone thinks my jelly bracelets are very cool. EVERYONE.

"Are you wearing jelly bracelets?! Did you twist them together?! Oh my gosh, you are so cool!"

I know.

That is the point of living, right?

To be cool. Be it 1985, be it 2010. Cool is always cool.

But please don't confuse jelly bracelets with jelly shoes. Just say "NO" to jelly shoes. Please. Especially if you've been playing on a dusty playground in 90 degree weather. Sweat & dirt turned mud in a pair of clear shoes never looks cool. Just sayin'.


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