The Launch Of A New Career?

This little performance was at a four-day festival celebrating the 25th anniversary of The Goonies. I've gotta ask... do you see anything about The Goonies here?

No, all I see is Corey Feldman. And his man crush. (Of course.)

And I'm thinking, he's all primed to launch another career: his reality TV show is over unless he wants to produce The Divorced Corey, if Vegas wanted him for a Michael Jackson impersonator they would have called him years ago, and he's already played Michael Douglas in the off-Broadway play Fatal Attraction. Where do you go after playing Michael Douglas?

Clearly the answer is to make a surreptitious pitch for an iPhone commercial. Think he'll get a royalty for each smart phone that pops up?

Next Halloween I'm wearing a Goonies t-shirt dressing as Corey Feldman dressing as Michael Jackson singing Cyndi Lauper. Because I need closure.


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