So It Looks Like This Whole Shit My Dad Says TV Show Is Really Gonna Happen

Up until now, I've thought this whole Shit My Dad Says TV show was a joke, a dare from one Hollywood producer to another that got out of hand.

Don't get me wrong, from the moment someone clued me in to the Twitter account, I've thought Shit My Dad Says was hilarious. When I heard about the book deal, I was happy for the guy.

But the news about the TV show gave me pause. While the situation practically begs for a sitcom -- a 29-year-old guy living with his opinionated, cantankerous father -- I feared that having it on CBS would water down the funny. Or at the very least, most of the curse words.

And then the Shatner announcement? I checked the calendar to make sure it wasn't April 1st.

But yesterday, the trailer for $#!* My Dad Says premiered on the web. And while it's spelled $#!* My Dad Says, it's pronounced Bleep My Dad Says. But they don't make a sound like bleep. It's the actual word "bleep."

So uh, yeah. This show's a reality now.

So what do you think? Based on what you see here, will you watch it?


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