Oh Boy...

At this year's Comic-Con Scott Bakula dropped some news: there's a Quantum Leap movie in the works.

Scream it with me kids: NOOOOOOOOOOO.

OK, first off, the end of that series was tragic. I mean, it scarred me so badly that I literally remember the last scene, that's how tragic it was.

Spoiler alert for a series that's been dead for like 20 years: The last episode, the last scene - the scene goes dark with his next jump and the words "Dr. Sam Beckett never returned home" appear.

WHAT?! I was distraught. DISTRAUGHT. All that time vested with Al and Sam and Al never goes home? That's terrible! Who wrote this shit?

So this leads me to problem number two - how do you write a movie based on the fact that Sam never got home? I mean, you basically have a 90-minute episode and Sam still doesn't go home?!Way to kick me in the gut 20 years later, Quantum Leap jerks.

In all seriousness, this is a terrible idea. A-Team worked as a movie because it was kind of the origin story that wasn't really covered by the series. It was self-contained but left room for them to do a reasonable sequel should they want to.

I honestly don't see how you do a Quantum Leap film unless they're rebooting the whole thing. And then the problem is how do you get OUT of the movie without wrecking the whole idea? I dunno, seems like a big failure waiting to happen so I doubt they'll get it funded but we'll see. Until this week I wouldn't have believed that someone was going to spend 30 years trying to hack the Rubik's Cube so what do I know?

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