Admit It: You Have a Lot Of These Songs On Your iPod Right Now

AOL Radio just published their list of The 100 Worst Songs Ever.

Full disclosure: I love lists, and I hate lists. What exactly makes a song one of the "worst songs of all time?" Yeah, a lot of obvious offenders make the cut ("Achy Breaky Heart," "Who Let the Dogs Out?," that annoying song from Friends), but some of these songs aren't so bad, some are even kind of good, I thought. I'll cop to having questionable taste sometimes, but "MMMBop" is a pretty good pop song, and I am a stealth defender of Nelson. (I met them once. They were nice enough guys.) Most of the songs were just... forgettable. I mean, I had forgotten a lot of them ever existed -- for good reason. (Thanks AOL for pulling Snow's "Informer" from the depths of my psyche.)

Conversely, Pitchfork's editors released their 200 Greatest Songs of the 90s. You can say what you want about Pitchfork's lists being too snobbish, or too rooted in indie and punk, but compared to others, theirs is pretty varied. When you're dealing with a decade that produced both Depeche Mode and Outkast (numbers 15 and 16 on the list, respectively), there's a lot to chose from, and they did a good job mixing pop, punk, hip hop, and rock.

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