B.o.B. Unplugged

Looking for something to do on a Friday night? Here's an idea: want to see B.o.B. in concert? How about an acoustic B.o.B. concert?

Sound cool? Then you're in luck because you'll find videos from his MTV Unplugged performance after the jump.

1. "Don't Let Me Fall"

2. "Magic"

3. "Airplanes" (with Melanie Fiona)

4. "Nothin' On You" (with Robin Thicke)

5. "Letters From Vietnam"

6. "The Kids/Kids" (with Janelle Monae)

Pretty cool, huh? Remember when something like this would've been a big deal and would've been shown on MTV? Now it's just stuck on their website somewhere, second fiddle to a bunch of obnoxious twentysomethings from New Jersey.

Want some Bonus B.o.B.? Here's the pipin' hot, fresh from the oven "Magic" video:

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