Saw 3D: Comin' At You

I was struck by something as I watched the trailer for the final Saw movie:

It isn't the fact that the gratuitous mayhem is finally going to be coming to an end (unless the movie makes heaps o' money then I guarantee we'll be seeing Jigsaw again). It's that they're kind of beating us over the head with the 3D, don't you think?

There have been approximately 375* 3D movies released in the year since Avatar was released so I would wager that most movie-going audiences have seen a 3D movie. Yet a quarter of the trailer shows things coming off screen in a movie theater while an audience sits with the telltale Ray Bans strapped to their faces. At this point, is it really necessary to work so hard to explain the concept of 3D in a trailer? By definition doesn't 3D mean that things will, in fact, pop off of the screen?

It all seems to be a distraction to hide the fact that Saw 3D probably doesn't have much else going for it.  I mean, I don't think people will flock to the multiplex because Cary Elwes is reprising his role from the original.

So just in case anyone out there is wondering what the "3D" means when you see it attached to a movie, it means that you have probably paid too much for your movie ticket.

*It took a team of mathematicians almost a quarter of an hour to make up this fact.

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