Strawberry Shortcake: Where Is She Now?

You may think that like many '80s child stars, Strawberry Shortcake ended up in the predictable downward slide of partying, substance abuse, and panty malfunctions. But you would be wrong! Strawberry and her fruity shorties have been relaunched! Twice.

That's some career reinvention!

She was relaunched in 2003 with a new TV series and an updated look. Then, after a flurry of controversies amid hardcore fans who apparently have nothing better to do than argue the validity of character hair color changes and animal companions, Strawberry Shortcake was again relaunched in 2010 with a whole new set of DVDs and another new look. (I hope those fans are making it through these trying times OK.)

Frankly, I missed the first relaunch, even though I had noticed that Strawberry Shortcake was showing up on a lot of pajamas. When I heard there were new movies available I decided to check them out. With my son, I watched two of the latest Strawberry's DVDs, one from the first relaunch's design but released this year (Berrywood Here We Come), and one from the current cgi-friendly era (The Glimmerberry Ball).

They both made me hungry, but the first relaunch designs made me more hungry. There was a lot of frosting going on. Plus, those girls were a little more glammed up for my tastes, but my son really enjoyed their antics. (You'd think that the 'Cake and her cohorts would be the ultimate in eww-girl-cooties but apparently fruit-themed dessert is engaging to everyone.) The latest design reminded me more of the original cartoon being set back in the village with berrykins doing berrykin crap, but had less singing and dancing than the Berrywood movie. Both DVDs were chock full of Wholesome Values.

In general, I thought they were cute and I was surprised at how much my son engaged with the movies. So if you've been nostalgic for Strawberry Shortcake, don't worry she's still around.

Now if they would only sell her fruit smelling pens again.

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