Corey Feldman: The Lost Boy Discovers The Truth (Part One)

The Lost Boys
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When I think of 80s royalty, there's a short list of actors that leap to my mind. Molly Ringwald. Lea Thompson. Elizabeth Shue. Michael J. Fox. Anthony Michael Hall. Corey Feldman. So when I heard that there was a new Lost Boys film coming out I thought, "Wouldn't it be so totally awesome to get Corey Feldman to talk to Culture Brats?" And then promptly thought that would never happen, but what the hell, a girl can dream right? So I did some research and lo and behold, YES, Corey Feldman would be willing to talk. To us. About stuff. EEEEE!

Later that night when I was talking to my mom about upcoming family events, I jokingly told her that I was earning good daughter points: I was turning down an opportunity to hang out with Corey Feldman to go to a family affair. And then I realized that I'd have to explain that, as my mom's not really a pop culture kind of gal. I mean, 5 years ago she asked me if U2 was "that little foreign band." (To which I said, "Sure, if you'd also define the Beatles as a little foreign band.") So I started to explain, "Corey Feldman, Mom. You know, from The Goonies?" And she cut me off, irritated. "Yes, I know who Corey Feldman is. He was Mouth. Why are you talking to Corey Feldman?" I explained that he was in a sequel to a movie from the '80s and she asked which one. I told her, figuring she'd have no idea and she replied, "Oh, Lost Boys. The vampire one with Keifer Sutherland. I like that movie. Corey Feldman seems like a nice young man, I've always liked him." So there you have it: Corey Feldman is officially bigger than U2. At my house anyway.

I wasn't available for the interview (SADFACE) but our intrepid Dufmanno was game and she had quite the interesting conversation with THE Corey Feldman. Turns out he's an interesting guy with great stories he's willing to share so here it is, the Culture Brats interview with THE Corey Feldman! --Archphoenix

Hey this is Dufmanno from Culture Brats, how are you?
I'm great today, thanks for asking. How are you?

Wonderful thanks. So the new Lost Boys movie, Lost Boys: The Thirst, is the third installment and you are reprising your iconic Edgar Frog role. The Frog Brothers have taken on a legendary status at this point so I was wondering how you feel this one stacks up against the original and the sequel?
In my estimation, it is a much more direct sequel to the original than the last one was so if by chance you never saw the last one you wouldn't be missing too much in the storyline. You could literally watch the first one and the third one and you wouldn't miss too much. Not to say I didn't like the second one (The Tribe). I actually thought it was a pretty good movie, but I think that it was good as a stand-alone. I don't necessarily know that it was a direct sequel to The Lost Boys. This new one is kind of the sequel that everyone has been waiting for. It's the return of the Frog Brothers and it pretty much hits the nail on the head. It references many of the old characters and there is a very nice dedication to Corey Haim in there. That's what is pleasing the fans more than anything is the nostalgia in it but there's also a new lease on the lives of these characters and I believe that fans are very inspired now to see what the future adventures of the Frog Brothers could possibly be.

O.K. since you seem to be a jack of all trades I'd like to ask you about Truth Movement. My fellow Culture Brats and myself took a listen and got a serious Pink Floyd vibe off of the tracks we heard.
Sure enough, that's no coincidence. In fact, Jon Carin and Scotty Page appear on the album and the connections go deeper than that. John Carin produced and co-wrote some of the tunes and I feel honored and blessed to have them part of this project. When we went to go master the album in the Capital Records building, it turned out that when I threw the stuff on the board and they started listening to it, the engineer said, "Man, this really sounds like Dark Side Of The Moon" and I said, "Thanks, I really appreciate that and it's probably because we have some of the help from some of these key Pink Floyd guys" and he said, "Well, you know that you are mastering your album on the exact same board that Dark Side Of The Moon was mastered on?"

I know, that's crazy right?

That's more than crazy. It might be zany.
Amazingly enough, it's wonderful though and I feel blessed that it came together the way it did, especially being such a rabid fan. It all worked out the way it was supposed to.

Truth Movement
CREDIT: Corey Feldman
Daisy de la Hoya
Speaking of Truth Movement, we've noticed that you now feature Daisy de la Hoya. How did that collaboration come about?
Well, Daisy and I actually... Ironically, we met at the reality awards about three years ago when The Two Coreys was on and I was married at the time. My ex-wife and I were there receiving an award for best duo on a reality show. We were there together and I think she was presenting an award as well, my ex-wife I mean, and Daisy was there and she came running up to us and said something along the lines of "Oh my God! I love what you guys are doing and you have such a positive message and I love everything that you are about, you guys are super cool!" and of course we were like, "Thanks."

We kind of hit it off well with her and we became friends and started hanging out quite a bit and through our friendship, Daisy and I started discussing different things that we could do entertainment-wise. She's quite a talented young girl and has a wonderful future ahead of her and as a matter of fact, I was at some point considering her for a role in Lost Boys: The Thirst because I think she is a wonderfully talented actress as well. But her strong point I think is her singing and her dancing and after I heard her sing quite a bit I said, "Hey, why not bring you on board" because a) you're talented and I'm sure people would love to look at you [strange laughter erupts on both ends of the phone] and b) we like to create a bit of a circus and she certainly gives off that circus feel. Um and she's very talented as a singer and on top of that, I think she's got her own draw you know so there will be fans. Over the summer tour, there were definitely fans who came out to the shows because they knew she was going to be there, so she definitely brings her own crowd to the table as well.

Lost Boys Ball
CREDIT: Corey Feldman
Spectacular! You guys are doing a few Lost Boys Balls that are coming up in the end of October, one of which is at my second favorite place on earth, The House Of Blues at Mandalay Bay in Vegas. Is this going to be a limited engagement or are you going to continue on touring through the year?
We'll look it all depends on how things go. I mean much like the release of Lost Boys: The Thirst to DVD, the number one question from everybody is "Is there going to be more?" And my answer about all things Lost Boys-related at this moment is really it's about supply and demand with the audience. Obviously what we're doing with these Lost Boys Balls is something that's pretty unprecedented, it's really never happened before. There's never been this kind of a format where we've gone out on tour where it's essentially a concert and a movie. But it's not just a concert and a movie, it's a virtual 360 interactive experience with the audience. It's a costume party, you get to come dressed up as your favorite character or whatever you want to do. There's going to be a costume contest where we'll be judging both the sexiest costume and the scariest costume for prizes which will include a signed copy of the film on Blue Ray or DVD.

It's going to be a LOT of fun because it's a chance for fans all over the world who may have been too young to have ever seen the original Lost Boys in a theatrical setting to actually come and watch it with their peers and get to see it on the big screen for the first time. And also to get a chance to dress up and to have a great time. Also we are going to have a Q&A with cast members after the event and after the concert is over. And those who have never had a chance to see Truth Movement perform live, it's a very big experience. We have a full laser show we have a multimedia projection screen that's going on at the same time, so it's an interactive experience. There are dancers and all kinds of wild stuff that happens during the show. I don't want to give too much away but there's lots of surprises and being that everyone will be there in costume, it's going to be a great opportunity for people to feel like they are a part of the show. What we are trying to create is kind of like a happening in the '60s. Where it's a fully interactive experience from the moment you walk in the building to the moment you leave. You'll be able to say, "Wow I just experienced something I've never experienced before."

Right now we've only set up four of these, but this is a blueprint and if this works the way we hope it will and we sell out all of these events, then we can move forward and make it a tour across America. One of the things we've noticed on Facebook and Twitter and MySpace and all these social networking sites is fans from all over the world are asking us to bring this event there to where they live. They've heard about it and they are excited . I've heard "When are you coming to NY?" "When are you coming to Kentucky?" "When are you coming to Texas?" outside of the US as well. I'd love nothing more than to put this up on its feet as a global touring entity and take it all over the world. But again, it really comes down to these first four shows. So my plea to the fan base is to come out and show your support because it's all about myself and the fans working together to keep this franchise alive in every way possible.

One of our writers recently did a timely piece on the current crop of sparkly romantic vampires and how they could probably take a lesson or two from the more hardcore bloodsuckers from The Lost Boys trilogy. Any thoughts on that?
Well, the way I always look at it is I'm kind of happy those Twinkle movies are out there because at the end of the day the more business that those films do, they keep the idea of vampirism alive and it keeps a thirst, for lack of a better term.

No pun intended?
Yes exactly. Additionally it also provides real hardcore vampire movie fans a need to see something that well... quenches their thirst.

Again with the puns?
At the end of the day, they go out and they see these movies which are fluffy and sparkly and say "Well yeah, aren't the vampires supposed to be the bad guys?" and that is what we want to see: vampires that are bad guys and vampire hunters who take them down.

That is what the Frog brothers are about. It's what The Lost Boys is about. We were there when it all started. We were THE vampires hunters and we have to reclaim our stake!

Read part two of the interview

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