What Did You Wear?

Since the 80s are in, costumes of the 80s are in... most of the modern offerings seem to involve being a generic rock star, rock groupie, or rock parody. Although I certainly remember the fair share of (more specific) Madonnas, Michael Jacksons, and Axl Roses walking around my high school campus, I'm interested in those other 80s costumes. The ones you remember were popular but may be a little hard to find in the average costume catalog today. Such as...

Aerobics Instructor - I know most people think of Jane Fonda or Richard Simmons but when I think of 80s aerobics I always have a Running Man flashback. Seriously, what would be worse than working out and then Schwarzenegger busting through your door?

Miami Vice - What could be easier than throwing on some pastel suit combination?

Mork & Mindy
- There was always that cutesy couple in Mork & Mindy costumes, holding hands, saying Na-Nu Na-Nu. Occasionally you would just see a lone Mork, rhymes with dork. Because Na-Nu just doesn't cut it without a hot girl attached.

- This one really worked best if you had the hooters for it. (I hated those girls.)

Mr. T - I don't recall Mr. T's skull being gray but whatever.

Rainbow Brite/Strawberry Shortcake/Pipi Longstocking - there seemed to be a plethora of characters that wore striped tights and had crazy hair in the 80s. All you had to do was find the tights and put on a short dress and you were good to go.

What kinds of costumes do you remember from the 80s?

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