The Myserious Melodies Of Michael Jackson

The facts are these:
  1. Michael Jackson is dead.
  2. Michael Jackson has a new album coming out in December.
The first single from that album has been released and it's creating quite a stir. But not for the obvious reasons.

Many are saying that it's not Michael singing on the record--including his two children, his nephews, and LaToya. Reps from the Sony, who is releasing the record, say that they have "complete confidence" that the singer is indeed the late King of Pop.

Posthumous records are nothing new. Tupac released many albums after his demise, which people thought to be fake. The truth is Tupac recorded non-stop and left enough material to create those albums. So it's possible that Michael Jackson did record an unfinished album in 2007, which is just seeing the light of day now. But one can't deny that this track doesn't have the feel of an MJ song. Is the over-dubbing and over-processing of the music a result of not having the singer available to finish the track, or is it a bunch of people trying to cash in on the late singer's valuable name?

Take a listen and weigh in below.

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