Beware The Beard

Prepare yourself people.

For I am a BIG fan of the previously closely-shorn pop icon gone mountain-man dangerous.

The latest star on my radar sporting full facial growth is none other than Mr. Simon Le Bon, front man for Duran Duran, father of three, husband of the equally beautiful Yasmin Le Bon, and breaker of hearts for over thirty years.

As if the general population didn't have problems restraining themselves during full-blown fantasy sessions, now we have to contend with the dirty lumberjack role playing scenario that has to be added to our repertoire of daydreams.

Put down that axe and come give me a hug!
CREDIT: The Fab Life
It remains to be seen if the facial hair survives the current media blitz Duran Duran is on while promoting their latest album but honestly, I'd be sad to see it go.

Other famous people who became instantly mysterious and irresistible to me after forgetting to shave?


During my long and volatile love affair with the fearsome threesome, I was always partial to the adorable, lanky, floppy-haired drummer with the sweet smile and mad skills. Post-Police breakup, I continued to fester over the loss and eventually went sour during parts of Sting's solo career. That is until I saw an image of him emerging from a heavily wooded area in the snow singing an ancient holiday song in a thick wool sweater and a mush full of manhood. All is forgiven, sir.

Ewan McGregor

CREDIT: kungfumramone
Yes, I'll admit to being impressed by this guy's acting chops in such fantastic films as Trainspotting, Young Adam, and Big Fish, but it was while sitting in the movie theater watching the Sith wipe the floor with the Jedi orders' tarnished robes that I got a pretty good idea of what I'd like to do with his light saber.

It was the appearance of the reddish brown beard paired with the ever present hint of naughty that lurked just below his sparkling exterior that did me in. Oh Obi Wan.

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