The Star Wars Holiday Special: So Bad It's Just Bad

You know it's bad when George Lucas claims Jar Jar Binks, but disavows the made-for-TV Star Wars Holiday Special, which aired once in the late 1970s. The premise revolves around the Wookie holiday celebration of "Life Day." I'm a big geek, love kitschy things, and I tell you, I have the whole bootlegged thing on DVD and can't get through it. Whole chunks of it take place at Chewbacca's house and are strictly spoken in Wookie. I'm pretty sure Carrie Fisher was stoned out of her mind the whole time. Mark Hamill looks ridiculous. Harrison Ford generally looks pained. And Bea Arthur, well, I love that lady but this is NOT one of her finer moments. I've included a few clips so you can revel in the awfulness. Carrie Fisher singing the theme song at the end of the film is truly a can't miss trainwreck.

The show's introduction:

Bea Arthur's Cantina song:

Carrie Fisher singing the Life Day theme set to the Star Wars theme:

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