The Symmetry Of Spoons

Desirer Walks The Streets
by Andy Summers
Normally when worlds collide, people die. But when Rock 'N' Roll and photography knock boots and produce offspring, magic happens.

I'm fresh off of seeing Andy Summers at National Geographic Grovsner Auditorium where he showed fifty random photographs and later had a sit down and Q&A session with Mark Seliger and the audience.

Because I am a lifelong Police fan, it would be unfair of me to pretend that I'm even slightly objective about this. I will say, however, that his black and white images were well chosen, thought provoking, and beautifully shot. They really captured something you can't get if photography is not in your blood.

His royal blondness emerged from the wings after a lengthy introduction, in a fetching green and black ensemble and proceeded to lead us on a journey around the world, spinning a yarn about every shot that flashed up behind him.

Because I was having a hard time concentrating, I kept repeatedly pinching my left forearm to remind myself NOT to make the very easy leap from my chair onto the stage like the aged groupie I am. I ended up fidgeting with my too complicated scarf and trying not to make mewing noises to distract him.

All in all, a fantastic experience that explicitly asked for NO PHOTOGRAPHY under threat of bodily take down.

I wish Andy would make more of these kind of appearances as he is such a hoot to listen to, but I guess my husband summed it up best as we waited for a cab home in the frigid DC air, "what a life on that guy."

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