I Can Finally Be An Angel!

Good news everyone! ABC is resurrecting a classic television show! Charlie's Angels is coming back to the little screen!

Michael Ausiello, formerly of Entertainment Weekly, now writing for TVLine (who has an AMAZING Smurf collection), reports that ABC has dusted off the series yet again and will be bringing it to a television set near you.
This go-around, TVLine has learned, the show will be set in Miami and Bosley will be hot. (No offense to David Doyle.) Also of note: Leonard Goldberg, a producer on the original series, is on board, as is (behind the scenes) Drew Barrymore, who brought the crimefighters to the big screen. Overseeing the whole operation will be Smallville alumni Alfred Gough and Miles Millar.
Come on ladies, fess up, who else ran around in their mom's heels, tossed their hair around, and did the iconic gun pose? I know it wasn't just me. Right? Please say I'm not that lame.

Who do we want to see as Angels and Bosley this time around? Other than me, obviously. I'm out of practice. Mila Kunis has the hair for it, but she's busy being a Black Swan and stuff now.


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