Red Dawn Redux

Eons ago we told you that there's a remake of the film Red Dawn in the works. It kind of dropped off the face of the Earth for a while because the film's being made at MGM which has had a lot of financial issues lately: they filed for bankruptcy at the end of 2010 and are going through restructuring. It also ran into a bit of trouble because the film casts China as the new big bad guy and the Chinese took a bit of offense to this. Anyway, all the troubles may be clearing up because a cast photo recently appeared online.

It's presumed that the film may now get a 2011 release as the film is reportedly more or less filmed and needs little work to get out the door.

As an interesting side note, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's adopted son, Connor Cruise, is now listed among the cast members on team Wolverine.

Who's ready for the new Commie invasion?

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