If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It

Nothing encapsulates the glory of the 80s to me quite like Schwarzenegger movies. Between the bookends of the first two Terminator movies were a veritable gold-mine of excessive violence, action movie cliches, incredible one-liners, and--let's face it--the most bad ass over-the-top set pieces in cinema.

So when I came across Predator: The Musical I was at once both worried and intrigued. Would this be an homage to what may be the greatest hunt in the history of film? Would it demean the brute physicality of Arnie at his most ripped? Would it just be some lame, out-of-context rehash of poorly assembled scenes set to music?

I'm surprised and thrilled to report that Jon and Al, who have done this before, both respect the source material and reimagine it in a way that adds pathos, humor, and a catchy Broadway sheen to one of the defining achievements in the action movie canon. I give you... Predator: The Musical!

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