Attention Music Bloggers and Music Fans

I love hearing about other fans' experiences with music -- how you came to discover your favorites, those pop culture "transgressions" when you just can't comprehend an artist's or album's popularity now matter how many chances you give it (been there many times myself), and just the way music shapes your own personal narrative. Despite all that, I'm often at a loss when it actually comes to writing about music. Most pop music is geared toward people much younger than me, and the stuff I was raised on is growing increasingly irrelevant as a new wave of nostalgia crests. I need inspiration, bad. Enter the Music Diary Project.:
I’m going to suggest the first full week of April (Monday 4th to Sunday 10th) for this little social experiment, and I want you to join in. If you’re a music fan, writer, lover, maker, or whatever, and you keep a blog or website of any kind, join in. For a full week make a note of everything you listen to, and any contextual details you care to add to it, and throw it up online. You might want stick something on Tumblr every time you listen to something, or you might save up and write a massive missive at the end of the week. You might list every single song in detail, or merely impart in passing that you spent an hour with a dubstep playlist. Just tell us about it. (Sick Mouthy)
I really like this idea. I'm especially curious to see how fans' writing differs from critics' writing, and how they overlap.

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