Hail To The King, Baby!

Bruce Campbell recently told Reddit that the rumors are finally true: there is in fact a reboot of The Evil Dead in the works. And Bruce himself is involved probably in a bit role but, more importantly, as a producer.

Here's the thing: one of the reasons I so love the original is because it was a bunch of twentysomething kids goofing around making a horror film. They had almost no money to make it so it forced them to get creative. It's a little bit freaky, a little bit funny, over the top, gory, and entirely awesome.

It's actually already been remade and rebooted. It's called Evil Dead II and it's also incredibly awesome.

Evil Dead introduced the world to the amazingness of Bruce Campbell (Brisco County Jr, Burn Notice), the awesome directorial power of Sam Raimi (Spiderman 1-3, Drag Me To Hell), and twisted/spectacular producer Rob Tapert (Spartacus: Blood & Sand, Xena, and is Mr. Xena now).

So, on the one hand, BLASPHEMY! On the other hand, Bruce is a pretty savvy guy and this movie pretty much made him the cult favorite that he is today so I think he'd be careful with a remake. But do we really need to remake this? I think a lot of its rough charm will be lost in a glossier version.

Isn't the (NSFW) stage musical enough?


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