CD Review: Emily Zuzik Band, The Wild Joys of Living

Emily Zuzik, whose wide-ranging career over the past ten years has included collaborations with Moby and writing theme music for TV and film, has just released her seventh album, The Wild Joys of Living.

The first track, "You Want To Go Out Tonight," is a catchy pop song that will probably be her breakout on this album, along with the equally pop-ilicious eighth track, "You Know When You Know". Emily Zuzik has a wonderful bell-clear tone but just when you think her voice will stay solidly in the "sweet" range she dips into a throatier soulful style with tracks like "Feels Like Rain" and "Motels." Then Zuzik switches it up again with a classic country anthem on "How Did You Get So Good," which I imagine will hit the country stations very soon as it's the kind of song you sing along with, loudly, as you drive down the road.

This album has a little bit of pop, some contemplative singer/songwriter, a touch of country, and just enough edge to the lyrics to keep it interesting while still being mellow. It would be a great companion album to that dinner party you've been meaning to have or just something to enjoy while you're relaxing in the sun. In the end I wouldn't call it "wild" but it's a good solid album that feels genuine and honest, with a few truly infectious songs that are sure to garner some attention.

Visit her website to learn more about the Emily Zuzik Band.


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