CD Review: Making Friendz, Social Life

"All your records sound the same to me," Making Friendz singer Tami Hart laments at the start of Social Life's second track, "Luv Cruizin." Luckily for us, Making Friendz is part of the solution: they have created an album that takes elements from the past to create something fresh and exciting. A mixture of fuzzy lo-fi, early '80s synth, disco, and punk, Social Life would be the album to put on at a party to get all the wallflowers on the dance floor.

The album's standout tracks include "Situation," the thumping get-you-moving first single and video; the aforementioned "Luv Cruizin;" "Don't Make Me Cry," where I swear Hart's channeling Cyndi Lauper; and my favorite track on the disc, "Something To Believe In," where Hart moves in the background to create a New Wave classic that conjures up the ghost of Human League.

This is an awesome album. In fact, my only complaint is there isn't enough of it: Social Life's nine songs and one remix clock in at less than twenty-nine minutes. Social Life is so good, it left me wishing for five more tracks.

Making Friendz's Social Life is available at iTunes, Amazon, and your local record store if it has any taste. For more info about the band, check them out on MySpace, Facebook, or Twitter.

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