Summer Music In The City

Remember those hormone-soaked years when you spent your meager pocket change and what was left of your allowance scraping up concert and club tickets to see live music? I'll wait a minute while you think about that. Are you in the proper frame of mind now? Good.

Anyway, if you were to zero in on a small group of music crazy kids in New York spanning the years from 1981 through 1991, you would have noticed that in their sweaty little fists they held so many ticket stubs that it would be hard to categorize and count them. We went to seedy dive bars, medium-sized ballrooms and concert halls, outdoor fields, and massive stadiums. It didn't really matter much who was playing as long as we had the will and four wheels to get us there.

As you can imagine the horror of having our parents sit directly behind us at some of these venues was soul crushing, mostly because they were so completely uncool. I, on the other hand, am NOT uncool. And that is why I keep encouraging my kids to attend any kind of concert that comes down the pike. Hearing be damned, these kids are going to understand the importance of live music if it kills me.

In Washington DC, we have any number of shows that are considered "all ages" but one of the best in the area is the Fort Reno Concert Series. To me it reeks of summer fun, long lazy evenings and a chance to attend a music event where the sickly sweet smoke from the joint of the guy in front of you won't accidentally make your children high.

Every Monday and Thursday you can sit on the lawn and listen to bands while you chow down on snacks and toss back soda. They encourage you to bring a blanket, the dog, and your offspring but give you a gentle reminder to leave the booze, drugs, and glass bottles at home.

So, you may not have the good fortune to have something as straight out cool as Fort Reno but I bet with a little effort and some research you can find yourself live tunes and a place to lay your battered old quilt this summer.

Get on it.

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