Talking Summer: Our Interview With My Tiger My Timing's Anna Vincent

A few weeks back, we featured My Tiger My Timing's Official Anthem of Summer 2011, "Endless Summer," on Culture Brats. Today, lead singer Anna Vincent drops by to discuss summer songs, summer nights, and the Glastonbury Festival.

Hi Anna. How's it going?
It's going great, we're enjoying the summer and excited to have our new single coming out - we're currently working on the follow-up which will come out at the end of October.

How did the Glastonbury Festival go? How was the crowd?
Glastonbury was an incredible experience for us, it was the first time we'd been, let alone played, so it was doubly good. The weather was glorious and the crowd was amazing - we were opening the John Peel Stage on the Sunday so we weren't sure whether anybody would be awake yet, but it was packed. Unforgettable!

I really love your new single "Endless Summer" and feel it's the Song of the Summer. Is it based on the summers of your youth? What was your inspiration for the song?
Thank you! It's funny because that song wasn't even going to be a single until the last minute when the melody kind of came into being, so it still feels quite fresh and exciting for us. It's definitely based on summers of my youth, or at least, that longing feeling you get when you're all grown up and something - a song, the sound of the ice-cream van, the smell of a BBQ - takes you instantly back to those carefree days messing around with your friends in the school holidays.

Describe your perfect summer night.
Super hot weather fading into a beautiful sunset, good friends, good music, barbeque, tequila and nothing to get up for the next day.

Before you go, tell us your top five all-time summer tunes.
Smashing Pumpkins, "1979"
Metronomy, "The Look"
Crystal Fighters, "Plage"
Blur, "Girls And Boys"
Patti Smith, "Redondo Beach"

Thanks for taking the time to talk with me today!

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