They Couldn't Kill It With A Sequel So How About A Remake?

I was reading this article with the director of the new film Horrible Bosses (which I think looks very, very funny) and something lept out at me:
Do you know precisely what's going to be your next project?
No, I know War Games will be, once it's written that'll be. I'm hoping to do a smaller one before that.

I do want to ask about War Games, because it's kind of an interesting concept to bringing that idea into mind. The original is so based in cold war paranoia and new technologies, but how exactly do you bring that into the modern age?
It definitely is rooted in cold war paranoia, it’s definitely rooted in fear more than anything, and I feel like that certainly hasn’t changed. We are very, very afraid, and we’ve taken all these steps to make our country more secure, more safe in ways that actually don’t make us more safe at all. Meanwhile there’s been a real change in hacking, where people can go and often the age of the people who have been going to those places. And you see it weekly, those stories of, NSA was hacked, the White House email was hacked, a LulzSec does it again. There’s all these crazy, I have to say I think it’s actually quite a bit more plausible that someone in this day and age, rather than someone on a modem on their desk at home, war-dialing to hopefully get in to the videogame manufacturer of choice, that someone with some intent goes someplace they don’t mean to go, and starts something they don’t mean to start, like, you can buy that now.

Is LulzSec actually going to be a player?
No, I’m just saying that’s a sign of the times. Current events have events like this all the time, unwanted intrusions basically.

One of the things about it also, with the original, is that it is an accident, he doesn’t know that he’s doing it. But with the way technology has kind of moved forward, is it possible to hack into something without knowing exactly what you’re getting into, you think?
Absolutely. It’s also possible to participate in something unwittingly. What’s critical is that he be innocent, not that the particular type of hack be what it was back then. I also don’t find it plausible anymore that the list of games you could play would be in the directory, you just know more than you knew then. The abstract story stuff totally holds.

Have you thought about casting at all?
Well, it’s a little early. I mean basically the goal will be similar to the original in the sense that you have a normal kid who gets himself into hot water, as opposed to other versions of it where you could imagine it to be a much older guy who does it or whatever. I think the same idea of like a normal kid who gets in over his head is definitely going to hold.
WHAT? WARGAMES REMAKE? Finally, something to pair with the Red Dawn remake! Can anyone else smell the dollar theatre double header?

So I found this Entertainment Weekly article from the other day with a few more details. My fave part? The comment casting.

@SeanMarkle | Fri 06/24/11 1:49 PM

This could become a movie about vampire hackers so easily

An Average Sized Mustache | Fri 06/24/11 1:52 PM
Peter O’Toole!
  • waya
    Yeah, why does it have to be a kid? Why not some old geezer in the seniors home? Would at least give it a new twist.
    • An Average Sized Mustache
      Serious. Maybe he would accidentally hack the military’s computers while playing Sudoku online.
    • Lisa Simpson
      Yeah, but who hasn’t had THAT happen.

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