MTV At 30: Remembering MTV

We asked people to share their MTV memories. Here are some of the best:
Dancing around the living room to Madonna's Borderline. The video inspired that Year's Halloween costume- lace gloves, spandex.
We didn't yet have cable, but my cousins did. We were transfixed from the first moment we saw MTV. Back at the beginning, it didn't have commercials. We sat there for hours, ignoring the rest of our family. It was the most amazing thing. We had withdrawal when it was time to go home.
--@Daddy Geek Boy
The thing about MTV going live is this: It's like a cool party. Not everyone was ballsy or insightful enough to attend, but in retrospect everyone tells you they were there, thinking it gives them some sort of cultural street cred. Because it does: Nothing has been the same since the moon man first came bouncing across our screens.
--@Jett Superior
Got a memory of your own? Share it in the comments!

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