Book Review: Mini Weapons Of Mass Destruction 2

Growing up, I would daydream of being a super secret agent. James Bond and MacGyver were my heroes. 007 had the most incredible gadgets, like the briefcase that concealed fun stuff like tear gas and throwing knives. MacGyver could take everyday items one could find around the house or terrorist prison cell and create the most useful weapons and tools. Who can forget the hand glider he made with duct tape? Or the garden hose flamethrower?

John Austin, an award winning toy designer and author, has a brand new book for my fellow wannabe-spies: Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction 2 (Chicago Review Press). When I got an advance copy of this easy-to-follow manual, my mind conjured up diabolical schemes to torture my coworkers with these "deadly" weapons.

The book has clear and concise illustrations to go along with instructions that take you step by step through the MacGyver-izing of normally innocuous objects into real-working gadgets you can use to defend yourself in any dangerous situation. Who knew a box of mints, a tape dispenser, binder clip, or even a pen cap could become a deadly weapon or instrument for surveillance?

Heck, even a piece of paper can be a weapon. I followed Austin's instructions in constructing a "throwing star." This thing was awesome! And from the cries of my eleven-year old, a very effective weapon that is capable of inflicting serious damage when you enemy refuses to fold his socks and underwear.

My other favorite spy tools were the 44 Marker Magnum, Mini Tin Catapult, Assassin Blade, and Gift Card Coin Launcher. Not only does Austin teach you how to build this cool stuff, he even shows you creative ways to conceal them!

This book is fantastic. Not only were the weapons easy to make, they actually worked! This is the perfect book for any ambitious spy/assassin.

Utilizing the techniques in this incredible book, I will soon conquer the workplace with my awesome weapons of mass destruction. My coworkers will think I'm just reaching for an ordinary bottle of soda, when I'm actually retrieving my hidden Cotton Swab .38 Special!

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