CD Review: Larry g(EE), Weekends

At Culture Brats, we get a good deal of music sent our way, which can be placed in three categories:
  1. Absolutely dreadful crap.
  2. Decent music, definitely worth adding to your library.
  3. Music so awesome you have to stop what you're doing and share it with everyone you know.
While most of the music we get falls in the first category, we do a get a fair amount of decent music. But we rarely get any music that belongs in the final category. Larry g(EE)'s incredible music falls under that label. When he sent us his video for "Yo Mama," I fell in love with the song at first listen and forwarded it to half the people I know. And you know what? The rest of the four-track Weekends EP is just as good.

Weekends is chockablock with retro slinky sexy soul and R&B. It's music that makes you want to throw your woman down on the bed. Standout tracks include the aforementioned "Yo Mama;" "Camera Phone," whose "shake it like you're working my camera phone" looks to dislodge Outkast in the pop culture lexicon; and "Game," a great little "I'm through with you" number which happens to be my favorite song on the disc with its staccato horns and awesome backing vocals. And yes, I realize I just called three of the album's four tracks standout. It's that damn good!

Seriously. I can't say enough good things about the disc. Buy it the moment it comes out. Larry g(EE)'s Weekends is music you won't be able to stop singing in your head and will make you wonder why the hell you don't hear him on the radio.

Larry g(EE)'s Weekends will be released on December 9th. Until then, you can download the first single, "Yo Mama," for the price of your email address and zip code.

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