The New Retro Soul: Our Interview With Larry g(EE)

Last week, we reviewed Larry g(EE)'s debut EP, Weekends, which will be released on December 9th, 2011. Today, we've got an interview with the man behind that awesome album. He sat down with us and talked about his unusual name, Weekends, his musical influences, his live show, and Tony Romo.

Thanks for speaking with us. How's it going today?
Doing great man. Had a great Thanksgiving weekend with family but I'm still recovering from all the food inhaled.

First things first: tell me about your name. I'm assuming it's pronounced Larry G?

So what's the deal with the parentheses and the capitalization?
A couple reasons. The G had already been taken with Kenny G. and I wanted to do something that would catch the eye, for better or for worse in regards to reaction. I graduated with a degree in Corporate Communications/PR so I'm always trying to think of ways to stay on top of promoting this project. I guess the g(EE) is a form of branding?

Let's talk about Weekends, your debut EP. What's the reason behind the name?
I choose the title Weekends because a lot of the inspiration behind the songs were based off of random weekend nights in Brooklyn, NY. I spent a summer there in 2010 and started writing what would become this EP Weekends.

I love the album. How long did it take you to record and master it?
All together this project has taken eight months. Factor the writing however and I'd say about a year. I realize that it is just four songs however I truly believe it represents who I am and where I'm going musically.

There are a lot of things going on in the songs: horns, many backup singers. How did you track down all those people?
The producer of the album and good friend, Beau Bedford, works with a number of musicians in town. As soon as we laid down the scratch tracks he knew exactly who to reach out to. He's got a great circle of musicians that he works with but it's totally attributed to how talented Beau really is. I'm blessed to have worked with him. Some of the other artists on this album are friends who donated their free time to help out. It's been a beautiful experience.

Who are your musical influences?
The Beatles, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Prince, and Amy Winehouse. There's more but those are my tops.

First album, tape, or CD you bought with your own money?
Michael Jackson's Bad cassette tape. My uncle introduced to me his Thriller album so I was ready to purchase anything of his after that.

Are you planning on touring to support Weekends?
Yes that is definitely in the 2012 game plan. NYC, LA, Chicago and other major US cities and hopefully outside of the US. I'm excited to get this EP and the show out there to as many people possible. I wanna see the world.

What are your live shows like? How big is the band that backs you?
The shows are like a crazy dance party. I try my best to take people away from whatever they had going on before they walked into the venue. The size of the band can go anywhere from six to thirteen. Either size is always a good time because they're so talented and fun to play with. I'm very lucky.

Do you throw a lot of covers into the mix?
With the style of music I do, yes. Right now we've had great success with Sly & The Family Stone's "I Want To Take You Higher", Rufus's "Tell Me Something Good", and Bill Withers's "Use Me".

You're a Cowboys fan, right? What are your honest thoughts on Romo?
It's really so-so for me. I was spoiled with Troy Aikman during his time with Dallas. Winning consistently in the playoffs goes so much further with me. Romo has to win and win big this year in my eyes.

I'm actually really a fan of the Aussie punter of the Cowboys, Mat Mcbriar. Best Cowboy punter of all-time. The guy has been solid for years. Little secret: I run a fan page dedicated to him on Facebook. Also I'm friends with both he and his wife Erin so I guess that's why. My goal is to get him to the Pro Bowl every year.

Ok. It's time for The CB3, the three questions we ask every guest here at Culture Brats. Tiffany or Debbie Gibson?
Debbie Gibson's "Electric Youth" was my jam. Shhh.

Pretty In Pink or Sixteen Candles?
Pretty In Pink hands down!

Thriller or Purple Rain?
Love MJ but I gotta say Purple Rain. Apollonia that's all I can say.

Thanks for taking the time to talk with me today. And I hope everyone loves Weekends as much as I do!
Thanks so much for the interview. Have a great week.

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