Katherine Heigl's Been Grouponed

Katherine Heigl's new film One For The Money hasn't even opened yet and it's already being heavily discounted:

What gives? Is the movie bad or is Hollywood looking at the bottom line? Here's her career as a leading lady (all numbers taken from The Internet Movie Database):



Opening Weekend

Total Gross
June 1, 2007Knocked Up$30,690,990 ($10,690/screen)$148,734,225
January 20, 200827 Dresses$27,442,040 ($8,974/screen)$76,808,654
July 26, 2009The Ugly Truth$27,605,576 ($9,579/screen)$88,915,214
June 6, 2010Killers$15,837,266 ($5,539/screen)$47,000,485
October 10, 2010Life As We Know It$14,506,464 ($4,605/screen)$53,358,964

So what do you think this Groupon offer means?

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