Let's Hold Hands, Foam At The Mouth, And Watch The Prometheus Trailer Together!

The newly instituted gag order in my home prevents me from talking nonstop about anything to do with Ridley Scott's upcoming Prometheus. Sadly, there is no such rule here at Culture Brats where I am free to sneak in the back door with my key and pen endless posts praising what is sure to be a turning point in all our lives.

There will be Space Jockey back story, questions about the origins of life on Earth, AND Charlize Theron in various states of undress. If the sight of the horseshoe-shaped derelict spacecraft from 1979's original Alien hitting the ground behind a terrified crew running for their lives doesn't make your innards tingle, you were born without a soul.

Now, let us dim the lights, turn on the surround sound and get ready to surrender ourselves to a horrifying universe beyond our wildest dreams:

You just cried a little, didn't you?

And yes, I am aware that this trailer has been around for a few months now but it took this long to watch it in slow motion replay while taking notes for analysis and in-depth discussion.

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