Better Super Bowl Ad: Chevy vs. Suzuki

One day in the very near future (probably next year), people will no longer be able to claim they watch the Super Bowl for the commercials because we will have already seen them all a week prior on YouTube (or whatever hot video-serving application du jour).

Anyway... both Suzuki and Chevrolet have ads appearing during the Super Bowl. Let's size them up, shall we?

First, the Chevrolet Sonic commercial:

And now, here's the Suzuki Kizashi commercial:

So who wins? Easy!

Despite the fact that Suzuki Kizashi is very fun to say, the Chevrolet Sonic commercial wins for three simple reasons:

a) skateboarding > sledding
b) OK Go > dogs (but just slightly)

and, most importantly

c) Fun. > 50 Cent

February 21st, y'all.

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