First Look: The Master

All I need to know is that director/writer extraordinaire P.T. Anderson is making a movie about a cult, and I've already installed a countdown on my phone to when I can buy tickets to this film. Anderson, of course, has changed my life with the films Boogie Nights, Magnoliaand There Will Be Blood. (I know there are others, but I find those three to be the trifecta.) And cults happens to be my favorite social phenomenon, with kidnappings and child beauty pageants directly behind it.

The teaser trailer doesn't tell us much except that the film will have carefully composed film over long lingering scenes, the protagonist may be an antihero, and that Joaquin Phoenix still may be in character from I'm Still Here. Further research tells me that Phillip Seymour Hoffman plays the charismatic leader of a religious movement. I'd do anything Seymour tells me to do.

The Master will be released Octpber 12.

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